Monday, July 30, 2012

Odanadi ... and back to blogging

I am back after a long hiatus from my blog. My life has changed tremendously after my visit to Odanadi in so many ways. Not only from my actual experience volunteering there, but also in terms of my career and personal life. If you did not get to follow my Odanadi journey - then please finish reading all about it here. You'll notice I haven't been able to contribute further there either as life serendipitously brought me to India soon after my time at Odanadi. This is my first blog post living and working in India! I have missed writing, and getting accustomed to living here precluded me from investing my time in a meaningful way to reflective blogging. I'm hoping to rectify that though and post when the mood strikes whether it be for something serious or silly :) If you haven't seen me since I left the US here's a quick snap so all my lovelies can remember me! (tee hee)